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About Föhn

Our Story

All of our actions have consequences, even in the laundry room. Between harsh stain lifters, weak natural detergents, and even hot water, there’s a lot of room for error in your washing machine. Make the easy, ethical choice with Föhn Laundry.

Our premium product is designed to spare your wallet, and our planet, by completely eliminating the need for hot water. Föhn Laundry uses cold water on all washing machine cycles without sacrificing cleaning power. This is our conscious decision to help all of our users cut down on power consumption and energy bills. But that’s not the only thing that we’ll be saving. Unlike other underwhelming “green” laundry detergents, Föhn Laundry’s potent formula gets the job done in one cycle – no need for rewashing. Put simply, it’s an eco-friendly product that actually works. 

Föhn Laundry is made for the detail oriented. For the climate conscious. For the frugal livers. For the planet. Föhn Laundry is made for you.

Fragrance & Dye Free
Lower Water Consumption
Low Foaming 
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